The real solution: Education
From the beginning, the team at Seabin Project understood that the Seabins are not the solution, but education is the real solution in the end. By understanding this, Seabin Project have developed an open source education program based on interaction with and without the Seabin technology.


Is an instructional booklet with a series of lessons suitable for schools to learn more about the oceanic littering problem. From lessons and data collection to activities on how to design and build products and technology, this is the real way forward as a solution.

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The GAP has been implemented by Seabin Projects pilot partners and these partners will be leading by example in having local schools, sports groups and environmental groups interacting with the Seabin technology. Data collection and research using the Seabin’s by the pilot partners all helps to build our base data and to develop more educational programs in better understanding the floating waste problem in our oceans.

Research, Innovation & Knowledge
To constantly upgrade our products to get better at what we do and to generate the least amount of impact possible. Establishing a solid marine litter research program in collaboration with top scientific institutions and reputed experts around the world.

Research, innovation and knowledge

The team at Seabin Project are constantly learning as it is a new technology and a new sector in the marine and environmental industry. To stay at the forefront of developing new technologies, Seabin Project have multiple programs and initiatives underway.

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From renewable energy to recycling captured ocean plastics into the manufacturing of the Seabins, it’s an extremely exciting section of the Seabin Project. Partnering with industry leaders and innovators, with universities and environmental groups world wide, the team at Seabin Project will be developing more technologies to be adapted to future Seabin models and aim at getting off the dock and into the waters.