Giorgio Leonardi European Operation Manager Seabin Project


European Operations Manager

Giorgio is the sustainability guru of the office. From sustainable crypto currency/banking to the latest super green technology on the market, he knows everything’s going on in the industry. His valuable knowledge makes Giorgio the perfect candidate to build the right network around Seabin, enabling the Seabin Project to close the loop and implement virtuous models anywhere the Seabins are installed to efficiently fight against ocean plastic pollution.

Giorgio is a travel lover, he loves biking, hiking and learning about everything. Previously working at, he felt in love with the Seabin Project during the Booster accelerator program where Seabin won 360.000€ in funding. Few months later, Seabin’s CEO contacted him to jump on board. A risk taker, hard worker and fantastic team player, who actively participate to make Seabin Project a really special place to work.

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