Paola Marcon Spanish Office General Manager Seabin Project


Spanish Office General Manager

Pao has more than 10 years of experience in administration and operation management.

She is the sunshine of the Spanish office, her job is to make sure everything runs well for the company, from accounting, to helping all the team full of various nationalities with administrative and legal issue, not to mention travel tickets hunting (God knows that’s hard), and so much more.

In other word, she is Seabin Project Spanish office’s very own Fairy Godmother.

Pao is also a yoga teacher, a surfer, an outdoor and travel lover and a healthy food master. It is not rare to hear her and Anaïs discuss healthy recipes and tips. She is also a real sea lover, and always has been really active in its protection. As a zen master, her presence is enough to sooth anyone in the surroundings, and stressful periods at Seabin Project are not unknown!

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