Burke Marine – Clothing for water adventurers – sponsors a Seabin in Sydney

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For companies whose businesses are focused on and around the water, it makes perfect sense that they would be encouraged to invest in the health of our oceans and preserving the natural beauty that their audiences enjoy.

One such business is Seabin Impact Partner, Burke Marine, who have sponsored a Seabin as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The company, who specialises in high quality sailing gear built for water-based adventures, is committed to reducing pollution through their adoption of Seabin technology.  As part of the campaign, they will drive awareness and education about ocean pollution to their customers and community as a key focus for prevention.

“To team up with an Australian company like the Seabin Project that’ll benefit all of us, and with such an immediate visible impact, is an exciting way to contribute to the community,” says Ryan O’Donnell  from Burke Marine.

“Partnering with Seabin Project has made us think about everything we do in all parts of our business. From trying to minimise the amount of packaging we use, moving to sustainable packaging for all of our products, as well as continually educating ourselves and our customers on how to do better,” he said.

Facilitated by Seabin Project, Burke Marine partnered with the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (RSYS), on Sydney Harbour, to host their adopted Seabin. The Squadron makes an ideal location for them: they have a store operating at the club; several of their team members are active sailors; and the club has a strong sustainability agenda. As part of the Seabin program, Burke Marine and the RSYS will be looking to engage sailors and local community to support educational and data activities.

To launch the sponsorship, the Burke Marine team joined the RSYS and Seabin staff at the installation of the Seabin. Operating now for over 2 months, Burke commented “We’ve been amazed at the reaction when people on the marina see the amount of rubbish that is collected on a daily basis.”

“As part of our education program, we take the kids in the Tackers program to see the Seabin, so they realise the importance of looking after the environment for the future,” says Ryan O’Donnell.

Burke Marine is proud of its adopted Seabin and looks forward to educating sailors and adventurers on the importance of cleaner oceans for future generations.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the club and learning about data collection opportunities, please reach out here.