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Tackling ocean pollution at an ancient Indonesian marina

Chuo Senko Indonesia invested and installed two Seabins in Batavia Marina earlier this year in February 2021 as part of a proof of concept for their "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" project. Both Seabins get so full that two...

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Bamboo Toilet Paper and Seabin’s – Making a difference together

FlusheD ECO owners Cameron and Renee Garcia felt drawn to Seabin’s creative approach and use of technology to help clean our oceans. For them, the partnership is more than brand alignment, it's a philosophical meeting of minds.

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Julia Sydney Volunteer Seabin

Introducing Julia, Seabin Volunteer, Sydney (Australia)

Julia Nicholson is one of our Seabin Sydney Volunteers, an environmental engineer who works at an environmental consulting company specialising in contaminated land, she is dedicated to cleaning up Sydney Harbour.

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Burke Marine - Clothing for water adventurers - sponsors a Seabin in Sydney

Seabin Impact Partner, Burke Marine, who have sponsored a Seabin as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The company, who specialises in high quality sailing gear built for water-based adventures, is committed...

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Introducing Fernando, Seabin Enviro Technician, Hawaii

I’ve been working on a project that aims to show how Seabins can monitor marine trash and collect valuable data, get the community thinking about this issue and of course, remove rubbish from the harbour.

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Joco seabin

Reusable Cups and Seabin Project – Tackling the same problem from different angles

Over 38,000 single-use items can be spared by adopting a single JOCO product. And helping to filter 600,000 litres of water per day per Seabin is a metric and a partnership that both teams hope the JOCO and Seabin community can be...

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Seabin Project and Discovery Australia Partnership Press Release

Discovery Australia joins Seabin Project to help clean up Sydney Harbour in world-first program

Discovery Australia joins forces with Seabin Project to help clean up Sydney Harbour in world-first program Discovery Australia today announced a new partnership with Australian clean tech startup, Seabin Project, to help reduce plastic...

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Making environmental awareness fun for young people

Making environmental awareness fun for young people

Making environmental awareness fun for young people, Seabin Project European GM, Paola, arranged a fun day out for 30 enthusiastic school students. Thanks to everyone from Mar de Fondo, Port Adriano and Pizzería La Oca for supporting...

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Elisha Bell Seabin volunteer and Mahi Paquette COO of the Seabin Foundation

People, Power, Change!

Getting Seabin technology in the water is often initiated by a collective response – a community with a desire to create positive change, which, more often than not, is initiated by an individual who wants to improve the quality...

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Alex Ridout head of partnerships seabin project

Partnerships & Collaborations - Meet Alex Ridout

With so much global attention on the health of our oceans, the issue of plastic pollution is growing by the day. Big brands, corporates and even start ups are looking at ways to do that little bit more for a healthy and sustainable...

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Pete Ceglinski with Sydney Marina Seabin

Sydney Wharf Embraces Seabin Technology

Pyrmont's Waterfront is now the home to Sydney's fourth floating garbage bin. Skimming the marina's surface, the Seabin will make light work of some of the thousands of pieces of floating debris and plastics that enter Sydney's waterways....

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Seabin CEO and Co-founder, Pete Ceglinski, hosted the evening

Summit to Sea - Byron Bay’s First Ocean and Conservation Summit

Summit to Sea, Byron Bay’s first Ocean and Conservation Summit, was held on the 4th of April 2019 at the Byron Community Theatre. What began as an informal gathering of friends to speak on environmental issues quickly transgressed...

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seabin tackling micro fibers head on

Seabin Project tackling microfibers head on

The team at Seabin Project are working to have the technology in constant evolution and are using every opportunity to further develop its debris recovering capabilities, for cleaner oceans. Learn how we are tackling microfibers head...

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seabin project whole solution proposal for ocean conservation and sustainability

Seabin Project's “Whole Solution” proposal for ocean conservation and sustainability

Without healthy oceans, there is no life. Oceans are the life blood of our planet and humankind and it is in our best interest to keep them clean.

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micro plastics Seabin using plastic to fight plastics

Seabin using plastic to fight plastics

We compared a standard micro plastic sampling method commonly used by scientists (a Manta trawl, a specific net dragged behind a boat) with another method consisting of a small modification to the standard Seabin filter. Both methods...

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