Community Funding To Cleanup LA

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Marina Del Rey, LA. The Second City Location in 100 Cities by 2050 Campaign

Self funding and a strategic business model using corporate sponsorships will be used to clean up LA, and build an active and vested community that will see 3 -5 full-time jobs initially created locally with over 54 tons of plastic pollution to be removed from the LA waterways and prevented from entering our oceans.

Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles has been selected as the first of 3 planned locations in the LA region as the second city after Sydney, Australia. Port of LA and Long Beach are the next planned locations after successful deployment of Marina Del Rey in July 2022.

In July 2020, world leading clean tech startup Seabin™ announced a bold plan to tackle the problem of ocean plastics, to cleanup 100 cities by 2050, starting in Sydney Australia using the 5 pillars of

    • Data
    • Prevention
    • Education
    • Community
    • Cleanup

“I’m extremely excited to launch our second city in LA and to have Marina Del Rey as our first location, followed by Port of LA and Long Beach. I spent 3 weeks meeting the community, interviewing for positions related to the city pilot and speaking with corporates who want to support the Seabin x LA program, and everyone is simply brimming with positivity and enthusiasm to see these simple yet practical solutions come to LA” says Pete Ceglinski, CEO & Co Founder of Seabin

The Marina Del Rey – LA city pilot will create up to 5 full-time employment positions over the 3 year term, and clean-up expectations are set at an estimated 54 tons of microplastics, plastic fibers  and other items captured over the 3 year period.

“Our marina community has long advocated for cleaner water ways and would conduct clean-ups after each storm event we had using pool skimmer nets. When Seabin technology became available we were early adopters, installing three units in our marina in 2019.  We have noticed a substantial difference in our water quality, generated community awareness and started great conversations about single use plastics. We are so excited to be the second city location in the world first 100 cities by 2050 campaign”  Says Bryan Plante, Marina Manager at Marina Harbor Anchorage

The objective of the 100 cities by 2050 campaign is to align each city with the Sustainable development Goals set down by United Nations Environment, focusing on SDG14.1 – Life Below Water.

“The greatest challenge we face isn’t cleanup “ says Pete Ceglinski, CEO + Co Founder of Seabin, “Its human behaviour. What will really win the war on plastic in our oceans is if we turn off the tap on land to plastic pollution, whilst still cleaning up”

The team at Seabin are proactively working on community, research, corporate and government level relationships to address the problem both in the water and on the ground in LA

“Seabin’s work provides valuable insight on issues pertinent to a cleaner LA coastline. Braid Theory is excited to support the company’s tech-forward monitoring and analysis approach, assisting in data-driven decision making in the region.”  Ann Carpenter, CEO, Braid Theory, an impact accelerator entity based in Port of LA at the AltaSea premises who also support ocean innovation and new technologies.

Seabin will be part self-funding LA and have an estimated $150K of pledged sponsorships for the LA city pilot, whilst we keep encouraging a “corporate dollar matching” strategy in the hope to reach a target of $500K.

Seabin used this community funding strategy in Sydney Australia, which meant the dynamic yet boot strapping start-up could start cleaning up immediately, whilst they work in parallel on obtaining local, state and federal government support at later stages.

To support cleaning up LA, please email