Council litter grants available for purchasing Seabins

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Port Macquarie Seabin Council Litter Grant

The Seabin concept of working smarter and not harder in addressing marine litter is making waves down the East Coast of Australia, with the most recent installation of two Seabin’s in the Port Macquarie Marina, NSW. The purchase of the first Seabin was made possible through a NSW EPA litter grant, the first one in Australia to be used for the purchase of Seabin clean technology.

Seabin Project Council Litter Grant
The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council was granted $77,400 under the Council Litter Prevention Grants Program by the NSW EPA that facilitates the ‘Waste Less, Recycle More’ initiative; human inflicted marine debris is now widespread on a global scale from the deep depths of the abyss to wild remotes of inaccessible beaches, plastic now exists everywhere and Seabin technology is one waste management initiative that is strategically tackling the overwhelming issue.

Council’s waste project officer Nicky Julian says council is committed to reducing litter in the region through educating the community and raising awareness about the impact litter has the environment, the Seabin installation in Port Macquarie is a first for the company’s regional development plan as well as a first for local government in NSW. The project is a great example of the kind of projects the EPA grant program supports in its work to reduce the volume of litter in NSW by 40% by 2020.

Council litter grant recipients install Seabin
Port Macquarie based local environmental non profit, Coastal Warriors MC also partnered with Port Marina to fundraise the second Seabin with the help of local businesses and community raising $6000 from crowdfunding and events.

The Seabins are also a part of a data collection program, where a Coastal Warrior volunteer will catalouge a sample of what the Seabin has captured once per week.

The daily average for the Port Macquarie Seabins are 3.9kgs per day or 1.4 tons of marine litter per year each. To see how your local council can get Seabins into local marinas click here.

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Seabin at port macquarie marina