Defying the Odds

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Seabin Capital Raising Initiative

Seabin Project have defied the odds and raised a staggering $1.49M to date. But our drive and determination continues as we strive to work towards a cleaner environment for current and future generations.

Community Investment Drives a Successful Campaign

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the communities investing in our mission. We started to get worried it would be a disaster, but the campaign has been the opposite and shown us the real value that we place on our environment as community with a common goal. At $1.49M raised and 4 days to go, the campaign is going amazingly well considering the state of markets right now.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone for backing our mission by investing, sharing or just telling your friends!

The closer we can get to our target of a $3M funding opportunity, the greater the impact we can achieve.

Some of the statistics really demonstrate how smaller investors can really get behind a cause and create a difference.Here at some of the statistics of how the campaign is tracking so far.

seabin investors

You can see that the majority of investors are in the range of $250 – $999, with the least number of investors being in the $20,000 plus. Whilst a larger contribution would greatly assist the capital raise, this does not seem likely given the state of the market right now with many larger investors bunkering down for the moment.

As you can see, if we all share the offer with family and friends, it is those smaller amounts that are going to get us closer to our end goal of $3M. So go ahead and share this campaign with everyone on your socials – we have 4 days left to make an impact. Let’s do this together!

To share in our mission of cleaner oceans, copy and paste this link into your socials – GET INVOLVED!