From Sydney Harbour to 100 cities

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Seabin Project’s philosophy is that both clean-up and prevention of marine litter are needed to help keep our oceans clean, but even more important is the data involved with understanding and addressing the problem in the first place.

This year, we kicked off the #100 Smarter Cities For Cleaner Oceans campaign. This important (and ambitious) campaign to save our oceans brings together our offerings and learnings into one package that we can apply all around the world.

Seabin has achieved proof of concept via the 12-month Sydney City Pilot – July 2020 and July 2021 – and prior to this, through five years of technical research and development, three years of global data monitoring and most recently through reporting.

The #100 Cities campaign provides a structured and supported way for the Seabin Project to go truly global, offering a 5-in-1 package of data monitoring, impact reporting, identifying causes of pollution, community awareness programs and marine debris removal to cities all around the world.

We are partnering with sponsors, cities and organisations wanting to take action and make a measurable change toward cleaner oceans.

We started close to home, with the Sydney Habour project, supported by principal sponsor Discovery. We’ve just released the first Annual Impact Report which clearly demonstrates how much pollution is present in this world-famous harbour.

“Our goal is to have 100 cities working toward cleaner oceans by 2050. I believe that 100 cities can change the world,” says Peter Ceglinski, CEO and Co-Founder of the Seabin Project.

Watch Pete’s passion as he talks about the 100 cities program goals and the impact this global growth plan can achieve!

If you lead an organization and would like to sponsor a Seabin or a city, getting onboard with #100 Cities, please contact Fallon White at