La Grande Motte,

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la grande motte pilot partner

First Pilot Partner

La Grande Motte is a progressive city and government run marina in the south of France in the Mediterranean Sea. The city has an impressive history of environmental initiatives and was the first marina to approach the Seabin Project to become the first Pilot Partner.

The active participation of La Grande Motte port at different stages of the research and development phases jointly managed by Poralu Marine and Seabin Pty Ltd teams aimed to develop an efficient product. This unique partnership is technically supported by the Port service team confirmed by the positioning of La Grande Motte as an innovative and future-oriented city. The municipal commitment to sustainable development is important, with numerous daily actions taken in the sustainable management of the Port and the city.


This collaboration between La Grande Motte, The Seabin Project and Poralu Marine also aims to raise awareness of the problem of ocean pollution and its consequences for wildlife, marine flora and human health. This is a part of a broader framework of environmental and educational actions taken for many years by the city.

Stephanie Rossignol, Mayor of La Grande Motte, explains:

“This collaboration with Seabin Project complimented what is implemented already by La Grande Motte and what makes our city an example in terms of environment preservation and innovation (use of renewable energy, recycled street furniture, waste management, Project ‘Breathe’ to study marine life…)

The vision of The Seabin Project is in line with our objectives: find operational solutions to the pollution problem and engage the public to adopt responsible behavior. We want to awake environmental awareness of the greatest number.