Poralu Marine,

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poralu marine pilot partner and distributor

In March 2016, French marina building company Poralu Marine signed up with the Seabin Project to be the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributor. Poralu has factories on two continents and a distribution network covering 18 countries.

“To remain a leader in our field we must be prepared for future challenges. Plastic pollution is a larger and predominant one! In the group, we are investing for many years in the development of eco-friendly solutions. Therefore it seemed natural to support Seabin Pty Ltd because Pete and Andrew have put their hearts into this and they were able to provide a realistic and affordable solution. We aim to co-develop the Seabin system in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. this partnership is just the beginning of a long term collaboration for both companies.” Fayçal Rezgui, Head of CEI the environmental branch of the Poralu Marine Group.

Poralu Marine

Eight thousand references over five continents have lifted Poralu Marine among the leading international companies in the field of pontoons and harbor facilities.

Founded in 1982, Poralu Marine is a systems integrator for marinas that develops solutions and equipment in line with economic, social and environmental requirements for its customers. Poralu Marine was one of the first to use aluminium as the exclusive structure for pontoons. Thanks to a R&D and design department using advanced technology, the company  now offers a wide range of products; diving rafts, leisure pontoons, footbridges, catwalks, landing stages, etc. It is heavily engaged in the research and innovation of aesthetically pleasing solutions. Its subsidiary CEI, water treatment specialists with a high environmental bias, assists its clients in an active environmental approach. The ambition is to develop the future of ports and to provide customers with complete and autonomous solutions (pumping and water treatment, waste management, eco-lighter multi-purpose work, independent living platforms and marine renewable energy.

Based in Port (01) – France (headquarters), Poralu Marine has 120 employees and generated on the 2015/2016 financial year 22.5 million of consolidated sales with 70% operated internationally.