Port Adriano,

port adriano pilot partner

Port Adriano is a super-yacht harbour in Mallorca. It was designed by famous French designer, Phillipe Starck, and has berths for boats between six and one-hundred metres long, as well as shops, bars, restaurants and a range of water-sports.

Port Adriano has a history of involvement in environmental solutions and education programs, and enjoys a high industry profile due to its progressive stance.

‘Being a pilot partner is more than just a statement, it is about playing an active role as a first mover in the global challenge to rescue and protect the oceans we love so much.Port Adriano contacted the Seabin team in the infant stages and expressed interest as early adaptors of the innovative Seabin technology,’ says Antonio Zaforteza, CEO of Port Adriano.

The marina is collaborating with Seabin Project and local organisations in a hands-on approach. The Global Ambassador Program, based on education and research has been well received and data is being recorded to support the initiative.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Port Adriano received a Corporate Social Responsibility Award for its partnership with the Seabin Project, and as recognition for utilising Seabins within its facilities. This award was received at the Balearic Islands Tourism Awards, created by the Government to provide incentives for sustainable initiatives in the Tourism Industry.