Tutukaka Marina (w/ Ocean Spirit),
New Zealand

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The Seabin has now been working away in Tutukaka Marina for 11 months.

It has steadily removed human-generated rubbish that finds its way into the marina, which in turn means less pollution for the ocean to deal with. Data sheets are used to record the amount of rubbish collected in a variety of different categories, such as: cigarette butts; plastic food wrappers; clear plastic packaging; foam pieces; fishing gear; plastic bottles etc.

The most notable items it has removed so far are 1468 pieces of unidentified plastic and 517 cigarette butts.

As we all know, the Seabin is not the solution to human-generated marine debris – we are! But this sort of information shows us where the majority of the rubbish is coming from and gives us the evidence we need to make the practical changes necessary to minimise rubbish polluting the marina and ultimately the ocean.

It’s well known that every plastic item ever manufactured is still in existence – albeit in a very degraded and broken down state. Plastic is effectively a serial killer – mistaken by marine life for ‘food’, it kills its victim and once released from the decomposing body it floats off freely towards its next victim.

As a coastal community we are on the front line of this worldwide catastrophe. But the good news is that each one of us is in a powerful position to take responsibility for this issue.

There are many unsung heroes who walk our beaches everyday picking up rubbish, but our coast road is still left littered with rubbish unthinkingly chucked from cars. Swept by heavy rain and picked up by strong winds it can too easily find its way into the ocean.

Tutukaka Marina are continually working on practical solutions to minimize ocean pollution eg in the form of rubbish and recycling bins, but they require all of us to take more responsibility for disposing of our rubbish and reducing our pervasive use of single-use plastic. Let’s all make a concerted effort this busy summer season to reduce our own plastic footprint and enjoy a clean coastline!

The Tutukaka Coast Community owes many thanks to the Tutukaka Marina Trust Board, Whangarei City Rotary Club, Huanui College, Mitre 10 and Ocean Spirit for their contribution towards keeping our beautiful coast less polluted in the form of the Seabin.

Please visit the Seabin on B pier in Tutukaka Marina and watch it in operation.

Any questions please email: