Nimble partners with Seabin Foundation for cleaner oceans

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nimble partners with Seabin Foundation

Eco-minded tech brand avoids new plastic while supporting efforts to protect the world’s oceans and marine life.

Costa Mesa, Calif., (June 20, 2019) — Nimble–a California company committed to creating high-grade, eco-friendly tech products have partnered with Seabin Project to support cleaner oceans. The proceeds of each sale of the Seagrass Green Bottle Case, goes towards funding Seabin Foundations’ programs. The Bottle Case is the world’s only protective case for iPhone made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

“Our oceans are drowning in plastic. We’re not interested in creating new plastic to make phone cases,” said Ross Howe, CEO and Co-founder of nimble. “Virtually all phone cases made today require production of virgin materials, while there’s an overwhelming abundance of plastic material already in the ecosystem. We want to keep existing plastic in the economy and out of our oceans and landfills.”

seabin foundation and nimble partnership

Nimble has now partnered with Seabin Foundation to support their educational and community programs with 5% of each sale from the Seagrass Green phone case going to Seabin Foundation. All donations are tracked and verified by 1% for the Planet.

The Bottle Case design is slim and light. It includes several variations of rPET (recycled plastic bottles). A hard rPET inner shell is covered by a durable, rPET fabric to provide a comfortable hand grip.

Every Bottle Case includes a suede-like, rPET fabric interior lining, and a rPET camera ring, both styled in Nimble’s signature blue to represent the company’s commitment to clean, plastic-free oceans.

Following Apple Case Guidelines for protection, Bottle Case is also washable, and shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging. When the case is no longer needed, Nimble will recycle or repurpose it at no added cost the consumer through an expansion of their current One-for-One Tech Recovery Project.

Available for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR at for $39.95.

Nimble is a California company and creator of ethically-produced products, committed to improving social and environmental standards of the consumer electronics industry. Visit and follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@nimbleforgood).