People, Power, Change!

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Elisha Bell Seabin volunteer and Mahi Paquette COO of the Seabin Foundation

“Can one person really make a difference?”

You bet they can….! With 7.8 billion people collectively sharing the earth today, there is no doubt that a ripple effect from individuals going about their everyday lives is going to be felt across the planet. Through our jobs, daily routines, social interactions and online presence, everyone’s actions can and do have an impact.

Small positive changes to a daily routine can go a long way… Each of us, individually, create the collective.

Elisha Bell generously donating her time to the Seabin Foundation Pollution Index

Elisha Bell generously donating her time to contribute to the Pollution Index database.

Picture the way your everyday is influenced. Advice from your parents; conversations with your friends; lessons from your teachers; and the interactions at your office. The influence others have on us and, importantly, our influence on others, can be a powerful tool capable of creating positive change.

One of the three Seabins installed at Newport Marina QLD

One of the three Seabins installed at Newport Marina, QLD, Australia

Leadership Inspiring Change

The Seabin Project strives to be a leader in inspiring change, ultimately driving direct, positive impact to marine life and environments through its technology and community education programs.

We place a heavy focus on education engaging school groups, businesses and communities alike. The Seabin Foundation, the NGO arm of the Seabin Project, combines STEM learning, research, science, education and community engagement to inspire and educate communities to be a part of the solution.

Getting Seabin technology in the water is often initiated by a collective response – a community with a desire to create positive change, which, more often than not, is initiated by an individual who wants to improve the quality of our oceans.

You may have seen our Seabins in action at your local marina, online, and working away around the world. A huge majority of these are community funded and community driven… by people like you!

Elisha Bell Seabin volunteer and Mahi Paquette COO of the Seabin Foundation

Elisha Bell, Seabin volunteer and Mahi Paquette, COO of the Seabin Foundation.

Here’s how you can get involved and be a part of the movement!

1. Send an email! Ask your local council, MP or local representative to consider funding Seabins for cleaner oceans.

2. Go grab a coffee. Get the barista talking with your “Seabin Project” mug next time you’re at your local coffee shop. Inspiring conversations can create inspirational change. Local businesses can work together to fund a community Seabin.

3. Say No to Plastic! Contact large companies that contribute to plastic waste to consider sponsoring Seabins in your community.

4. Throw a party! Organise a crowdfunding campaign that really unites the community and celebrates our collective love for the ocean!

5. FUN-raisers! Local sports races, competitions, events and school carnivals are great opportunities to contribute some pocket money or tuckshop change – ‘A little goes a long way,’ so they say!

6. Get serious… Community grants are available from the government. Apply for these and get a Seabin sitting pretty in your local marina. All you have to do is ask!

“We can help anyone who would like to bring Seabins to their local areas. Simply get in contact with us so we can answer your questions and provide our crowdfunding kit.” – Mahi Paquette, COO of the Seabin Foundation.

Written by Elisha Bell