Reusable Cups and Seabin Project – Tackling the same problem from different angles

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For anyone in need of a seriously stylish and super good-looking reusable cup or drink bottle, meet JOCO Cups: the reusable glass vessel company has set out to create sleek looking, forward-thinking and covetable reusable cups and bottles that fight plastic and single use waste.

JOCO’s mission is to provide a solution for people to reduce their dependence on plastic through well-designed and eco-innovative products. As part of their dedication to reduce plastic pollution, they have partnered with Seabin Project, as an Impact Partner, sponsoring a Seabin to actively remove plastic in our waterways.

Matt Colegate, CEO at JOCO, says,

“We are so proud of our Seabin at the Geelong marina in Victoria and so grateful for Elsie, the amazing volunteer who collects the data for us.”

The Geelong Seabin unit, housed at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club captured over 500kg during its first 6 months operational, catching on average, 3kg per day and 1 plastic item every 3 minutes.


Not only are they actively removing and reducing plastic pollution from waterways through the adoption of a Seabin, but they are also engaging community and driving awareness for the issue amongst local and digital communities. Elsie, a Seabin volunteer who oversees the data collection on their adopted Seabin, is the force leading this engagement.

To kick off their partnership and build community engagement, JOCO ran an online naming competition for its Seabin, which saw positive participation. “The naming competition was an engaging way to introduce Seabin technology and our involvement,” says Matt.

An Australian brand with international sustainable goals, JOCO has big plans for the environment with a goal to roll out a fleet of Seabins around the world – London is on the cards in 2021 for their second Seabin.

While JOCO and the Seabin Project tackle the plastic crisis from different angles, it’s the innovative development and expertise that, when combined, can jointly address a very large issue with the support of a supportive community.

“Ending the excessive production of plastic is our primary focus. However, we know that the way forward requires a multifaceted approach. What we particularly like about Seabin is the ability to communicate measurable clean-up data from Seabin technology to our customers. We feel this tangible result contributes additional and significant positive impact to every JOCO purchase,” says Matt.

Over 38,000 single-use items can be spared by adopting a single JOCO product. And helping to filter 600,000 litres of water per day per Seabin is a metric and a partnership that both teams hope the JOCO and Seabin community can be proud of.

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