Seabin for Sydney



Are you ready to make a real impact on the environment and help us keep Sydney Harbour’s water clean?

There are a number of ways your organisation can partner with us and be involved.

Join us and make an impact!


PARTNER WITH US – “Because the problem is too big to solve on our own”

Much more can be achieved through partnerships and working together. The Seabin Project is proud to partner with leading brands and companies, across Australia and the globe, who share our commitment to the environment, innovation and a brighter future with cleaner oceans. There are several partner programs available to companies as well as options to create your own.


Are you looking to have a direct and measurable environmental impact in your own backyard? Would you like to support the clean-up of a particular city that deserves cleaner waterways? Sponsoring our City Pilot is a tangible and purposeful way to do this. With 20+ Seabin Tech units positioned around the city, your impact can be felt and seen throughout the region. Helping support the maintenance, cleaning and data on this fleet provides a sponsoring partner with measurable impact on what is being removed and prevented from entering our oceans; visual brand exposure through our mobile crew of enviro technicians; and a sense a pride that you’re taking a lead in supporting our waterways.


Invest in cleaner oceans via direct support for the Seabin Foundation. This partnership model is our data driven approach to measuring impact. Our Data Program enables a partner to objectively see the extent and value of the difference their investment is making. Your support contributes to more accurate and sophisticated data; bigger and better Educational programs around ocean sustainability; cutting edge innovations; and wider community activations and support.

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