STEM learning

STEM learning programs designed by the Seabin Foundation can provide the knowledge, tools and capabilities to the decision makers of the future, our youth of today. Through solutions based learning, our youth can play a direct and significant role in reducing the waste entering our waterways and oceans.

Our program is an initiative to inspire youth through a series of lessons suitable for schools. From lessons on reducing our plastics consumption, recycling, data collection and activities on how to design and build new technologies – the program provides an intensive hand-on program demonstrating the issues concerning waste in our oceans and what we can do about it.

Research and Development

On the scientific side, everyday there is continued support from universities and environmental groups around the world to be involved in the Seabin Project.

World renowned environmental engineer Jenna Jambeck is currently involved in scaling up the data collection side with the support of a global app to make the data collection more efficient. Jenna is famous for creating the marine debris statistics that all professionals, students and scientists are quoting or referring to.

Our Pilot Partners also constantly help us collect data and develop new technologies. The data is critical in detecting marine pollution issues, understanding the impact of the Seabins, monitoring the health of our waterways and also to predict marine litter volumes based on weather patterns.

Science and

The idea behind the Seabin Project was to build a sustainable floating garbage bin that could collect waterborne plastics and trash 24 hours a day. Over time, the scope of the project has evolved whereby science and innovation are being used to refine the idea.

Through innovation, Seabins can now capture some of the smallest micro plastics, micro fibers and oil absorbent pads are able to absorb petroleum-based surface oils and detergent, all items that are predominant in most marinas around the world. Each day the design team are working towards making the Seabin technology “smarter”


Community activation is essential due to the scale and complexity of the ocean plastics crisis. By engaging with local communities to find solutions we have found that this is the fastest way to initiate the change we all want to see. Crowdfunding for Seabins is a popular tool that communities from around the world have been implementing successfully. From school children in Dublin, teenagers in New Zealand and non profits in Australia, the downloadable crowdfunding kit provides a practical solution to removing the debris from the water whilst doubling as a communication platform for educational programs and community events.