Supporting the Seabin Foundation

The Seabin Foundation is our Not-For-Profit fundraising organisation that address education, research and innovation projects that result in cleaner oceans.

Since 2015 we have set in place a 50% for profit and 50% non profit activity business model. The Seabin Foundation is a ACNC registered charity that address Education, Science, Research and Community activities. We are working towards turning off the tap to plastics entering our waterways. Because if you cannot turn off the tap, how will we ever clean up the mess?

We welcome Corporate Partnerships, Community Fundraising initiatives and one-off or monthly donations to help support these non-profit programs.

The issue of ocean plastics is on a scale that one person or group cannot solve it alone, we need your help.

Education is the first step to lasting and effective solutions. With marine litter, children can play a direct and significant role in reducing the sheer amount entering the oceans. Every child who learns to dispose of trash properly can be one less “source” person littering and they have the potential to spread the word to friends and family amplifying the effect.


Corporate Partnerships

The Seabin Project develops innovative upstream solutions for cleaner and more sustainable marinas, ports, rivers and public waterways.  Our program does much more than concentrate on technology. We are using Science, Technology, Education and Community activation as a step towards a whole solution.

Seabin is currently reaching out to corporations, governments, non-profits and environmental agencies to establish partnerships and dynamic collaborations. Our programs are aimed at increasing tangible, practical and measurable positive impact solutions to tackle plastic pollution within our oceans and waterways.

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Funding for education

Our STEM learning program is an initiative to teach the issue of plastic littering through a series of lessons suitable for schools. From lessons and data collection to activities on how to design and build products and technology, this is the real way forward as a solution, but we need your support.


Collaboration, partnerships and alliances with key institutions is key for the success of our programs. Donations – whether ongoing monthly donations or one-off amounts – help our foundation to combat the global consequences of ocean plastic pollution affecting the flora, fauna and human health.

Education programs and community participation is imperative to promote a more conscious and sustainable consumer behavior to the younger generations. Together we have the power to fight this global issue and make a difference.