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US EPA joins partners to introduce innovative Seabin™ technology & Microplastics data monitoring to Delaware River Watershed, Philadelphia. USA

PHILADELPHIA (June 7, 2022) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency joined the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE) and clean tech start-up Seabin™ today to introduce a project studying the effectiveness of a network of innovative floating trash capture devices and data led programs focusing on microplastics and other contaminants in the Delaware River watershed.

During an event at the Bartram’s Garden dock in South Philadelphia, officials from Seabin™ demonstrated how the state-of-the-art devices can be placed at locations in the river for litter removal, data collection, trash monitoring and water quality monitoring. The two initial locations in the Delaware River watershed are at Bartram’s Garden and off the Pier 3 marina on the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

“Partnerships like this lead to innovation and accelerate progress,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Adam Ortiz. “We all hate seeing trash floating in our waters and this device is part of the solution.  Not only is it pretty cool to watch, but the monitoring and maintenance of the devices can create jobs in public works and sciences.”

EPA is supporting the project by providing technical assistance, as well as $25,000 in Trash Free Waters funding to PDE, to support education and outreach. The project also aligns with EPA’s focus on environmental justice as the targeted locations of Seabin’s platform will directly benefit overburdened communities in the Delaware River Watershed.

“I got a little bit emotional at the media event today, as this is a major milestone on the Seabin timeline” says Pete Ceglinski, CEO & Co Founder of Seabin™

“Partnering with the US EPA and PDE is not only a world first, setting precedent, but also reinforces the need for immediate solutions to the global problem of plastic pollution in our waterways and our oceans. Our project goal is to work together in closing the data gap of microplastics and contaminants in the Delaware, whilst engaging the local community with educational and prevention programs” continues Pete

The 12 month project also involves deploying North Americas first Seabin 6.0, the latest model hardware which includes water sensors and cloud based connectivity, which also utilizes Seabin’s Ocean Health Platform, currently in development phase.

“Seeing the new tech in the water, operating, how efficient it was and with its cloud based capabilities gave us a glimpse of the future today” says Bryan Plante, Seabin USA’s newly appointed General Manager.

“Its all about taking the first steps to turn off the tap, getting smarter and really understanding what’s in the water so we can work in partnership with organizations around the world like the US EPA to make better informed decisions to a global problem” continues Bryan.

The EPA, PDE and Seabin partnership plays a vital role in Seabin’s 100 Smarter Cities by 2050 program, which first launched in Sydney, Australia in July 2020, with Los Angeles, California set to launch next month in Marina Del Rey.

EPA, PDE and Seabin are undertaking a research project to place Seabins at locations in the Delaware River for litter removal and data collection through trash and water quality monitoring. Seabin, is leading the monitoring efforts with support from the Gould Family.

EPA hopes that data collected by the Seabins could provide valuable information such as the types and volume of trash and its relationship to storms and flooding.

EPA’s support of this project does not constitute an endorsement of the products, services, or fundraising activities of PDE or Seabin.

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