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Introducing Australia’s first public Seabin with NSW Roads and Maritime Services.


Seabin Project are proud to announce their newest partnership with NSW Roads and Maritime Services at Rose Bay in Sydney. A Seabin has been placed in Rose Bay for a three month trial, with the ultimate objective of seeing if the smart technology can assist the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in their daily duties of keeping Sydney Harbour cleaner.

“The Seabin Project trial in Rose Bay was made possible through collaboration between Pete Ceglinski (Seabins) and the Rose Bay Working Party (RBWP). The RBWP’s aim is to identify sources of pollution and solutions to assist the improvement of the Rose Bay Beach’s water quality. The RBWP consists of representatives including the Member for Vaucluse Gabrielle Upton, NSW Maritime, Woollahra Council, Sydney Water, Beach Watch and local residents,” says Wayne Carter, Manager Maritime Environmental Services for Transport NSW.


NSW Roads and Maritime Services Management and Seabin Project’s Partnership Manager Alex, on site at Rose Bay, Sydney

NSW Roads and Maritime Services Partnership with Seabin Project

The Seabin has been in place for two weeks so far, and has already collected a substantial amount of rubbish from the harbour. Community feedback has been positive, with locals claiming that the small change has already created a large impact within the area.

The measurable impact, community engagement and proof of functionality by over 500 Seabin clients termed as early adopters of Seabin Project has started to generate an emerging pattern of local & regional councils, state and federal government starting to take an interest in countries around the world and more importantly here in Australia.

Member for Vaucluse, Gabrielle Upton MP said “Seabin’s are a good way to remove rubbish such as plastic bags, drink containers and cigarette butts from our local waters. This is a fantastic outcome that has come out of the Rose Bay Beach Working Group’s work – a group I set up in 2017.

“I helped install the Seabin with CEO Pete Ceglinski which will collect data on marine waste to identify the main macro pollutants in our water. I’m so delighted that Rose Bay is one of the first places in Sydney to have the opportunity to use this innovative technology.”

Pete Ceglinski and Gabrielle Upton MP with Seabin's innovative technology

CEO & Co-Founder Pete Ceglinski with Member for Vaucluse, Gabrielle Upton MP with Australia’s first state funded public Seabin.

Tackling Ocean Pollution

Micro-plastics have long plagued Sydney Harbour, which clog our waterways, injure and kill sea life and often end up washing onto Australia’s beautiful beaches. On the other side of the globe, a similar situation is in the proposal stage in a prominent city in California, where The Seabin Project provides a Technical Service / Community Engagement program to maintain and look after the Seabins and also to engage with members of the public to learn about why the Seabins are in the water and what they are catching.

This is the first Seabin that is situated in a public place, and the results of the 3 month trial will determine the next steps.

“NSW Maritime Environmental Services is currently investigating the feasibility of using Seabins in Sydney Harbour. Environmental Services area of responsibility covers an area of 5,020 hectares and a combined foreshore length of 316kms with 211 identified areas to clean. The Seabin trial will establish in which geographical areas the units will be most effective,” ended Carter.

State funded Seabin Trial Sydney Harbour1

The public Seabin has been modified to include vandal proof components and has been removing micro plastics on a daily basis.

According to Pete Ceglinski, founder of Seabin, “This is the first Seabin in a highly populated public space. The goal of this partnership is to get state or federal support for the marinas located within their jurisdictions to host Seabins or to provide employment opportunities to have the Seabin technology in more public open spaces that are connected to the water.  Although our plans are global, we are first starting in our own backward to begin with. On the outcome of this partnership, we are going to have a lot of learnings, and the blueprints of what we can do in other cities. It can be as simple as copy and paste once we find the right formula”

Future Plans & Partnerships – Get Involved!

Future plans include building the Pollution Index®  which will be used to measure the amount of micro plastics in the water table, enabling base line data critical in solution process.

“In partnership with IT companies and data scientists, we are creating an online interactive map that will be able to monitor water pollution levels both in virtual reality and real time using the global fleet of Seabins.

This will be the world’s 1st waterborne plastic pollution index that allow us to track water pollution levels with an ongoing consistency currently unavailable in the science community.

The Pollution Index®  will be providing better waste literacy to communities as well as an indicator that allow us to measure how successful different upstream initiatives are at stopping debris to hit waterways in the first place. We trust this technology will be particularly useful for the United Nations, are it will allow the international community with tracking our progress with SDG 14 – Life below water”

Says Julia Reisser, Chief Scientist, Seabin Project.

A new era of Seabin is already in engineering phase, with a much larger scale model able to tackle vast amounts of rubbish being developed. Whilst only in the early stages, it could greatly assist in the world war on pollution in our waterways.

Ultimately Seabin Project aim to create joint ventures with waste service providers to address the marine litter in the waterways

“The volume of marine litter the Seabins pick up will never be the same as land based litter, but something needs to be done and the quicker the better. If we can partner with RMS on this, then for sure we can partner with a Veolia, Cleanaway, IQ Renew or a Suez, this would be simply amazing and beneficial to everyone will less plastics in our oceans” Says Pete Ceglinski CEO & Co Founder of Seabin Project

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