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The Seabin moves up and down with the range of tide collecting all floating rubbish. Water is sucked in from the surface and passes through a catch bag inside the Seabin, with a submersible water pump capable of displacing 25.000 LPH (litres per hour), plugged directly into 110/22V outlet. The water is then pumped back into the marina leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag to be disposed of properly.

In detail:

The water is being circulated through the action of a submersible water pump. As the water passes through The catch-bag inside the V5 Seabin retains all floating debris larger than 2mm.

The Seabin catches an estimated 1.4 tons of floating debris per year (depending on weather and debris volumes) including micro plastics down to 2 mm small, the catch bag has a capacity of 20kg and can be changed multiple times per day. The V5 range in glassy conditions is a 50 meter radius but in windy or tidal conditions the V5 Seabin relies on its strategic positioning for the wind and current to bring the marine litter to its location.

Each V5 Seabin client has its own waste service provider and its own management plan. We encourage our V5 Seabin clients to diligently recycle what plastics they can.

In the near future we aim to offer recycling services for the Seabin marine litter and ensure it is recycled where possible. We are very fond of the concept of circular economy and we would like to have as much of the waste collected by the Seabins valorized and reintroduced into the economy. The more plastic, and other material are reintroduced into the economy, the less goes to landfill, incineration, or in the environment. We need to rethink the design of our goods.

The catch bag can hold up to 20 Kgs of debris and it is advised to be checked twice a day and emptied as needed.

We are now using a non toxic and highly durable anti foul system to reduce the cleaning to be at least once per 6-8 weeks depending on location.

The anode has been specifically designed with no toxic cadmium and ensures a longer lasting life span. The Anode needs to be replaced as needed and is dictated by geographic location.

Typically, a medium sized marina would require anywhere between 2-6 Seabins but it all depends on the particular conditions of the marina, if there are several point sources, river outlets, etc., you might need more.

Seabin requires AC power either 110v or 220v. Power consumption is 2.5amps @ 500 watts